Dressing for Success (For Men)

First job interview coming up and unsure if your tie is too flashy? Invited to an after-hours event and wondering if jeans are acceptable? Our friend Thomas answers these questions and more in the latest men’s edition of Dressing for Success!

Men's Dress for Success

Which of the following is an appropriate item to pair with a business formal dress shirt?
What is a staple piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe for business formal attire?
Which of the following would be a proper substitute for a suit jacket when dressing for a business causal event?
Dark wash jeans may NOT always be acceptable attire for business causal so it is important that you find out before hand.
What type of shoe is NOT acceptable to wear for either business formal or business causal?
When attending a professional event, it is okay if you show up with messy hair and an unshaven face.